“This has been my event of the year for 5 years running. 1st year doing it, at the spur of the moment, I decided to run it without taking any water (because slaves dont get water). The following year I upped the challenge to doing it without water or shoes. I ran it as a Slave-Child through the historic parts of Cape Town. This was my 5th running and 4th barefoot. This year i ditched the watch as well. Cape Town sure has a turbulent past and I thank the organisers for allowing us on this journeyBrian John Records

“The 5 ladies from PE had an Awesome run, everything was so well organized and the marshals were incredible. The sites were breathtaking and we hope to be back next year!” Lisa Ehlers Hen-Boisen

“Ohhhh what a race. Last year 2017 I had cramps after 12km. Finish it with no running shoes only socks on. But this year, I enjoyed it. Even improve my last year time.
Thanks to Langa running club management nd males for the flowers to wish Langa running club ladies who took part in a slave route race a happy mother’s day.

#2019 I will do it again” Rosie Makhumalo Lande

“My first time running this event, and my absolute favourite from now on! Thank you to the organisers, all officials, and the generous community for the support, music and koeksisters! This race had soul like no other. This is the true epitome of Cape Town. I just couldn’t stop smiling. Thank you for a very special event.” Catherine Ronaasen

“Thank you Fatima Allie and team. This was my first #SlaveRouteChallengeand it will definitely not be my last. What a fantastic route with breathtaking sights of Cape Town. The people of the Bo-Kaap are amazing and so warm. It was a fantastic morning and well worth me staggering up Koeksister Hill. (one of the aunties said “walk on the pavement love, it’s easier” – she was right!) I loved every moment. Fellow runners and walkers, thank you for the fabulous vibe and the fun banter on the way. It was awesome. Thanks so much for hosting this amazing event. I am proud to have been a part of it. Valda Petersen

 I loved participating in the Slave Route. The best vibe in Cape Town from the marshals to the supporters. True Cape Town geesSusan Lockie