Race Comments

I trust you are well and a little better rested after a somewhat hectic few day at the Slave Route for 2019!
Please see a No reply SMS received from one of your athletes complimenting you all on a terrific event!

Its always lovely to receive messages of praise and recognition so I send this on to you to add to your portfolio of glowing reports already received.
Well done from all of us too on a stunning event! – Trish Eldridge

I think this was my 6th running of the SlaveRouteChallenge21 without taking water and 5th done barefoot. Last year i ditched the watch too and just ran along to the pitter patter of my feet on the tar. Same this time, although slightly less prepared than last. Yes the rythm did slow considerably towards the end, but how else do you take it all in? The significance of running passed these historic landmarks that are significant to those who are descendants of the very slaves who built this city. This year running up Bo Kaap was particularly pleasing. Their battle to preserve their neighbourhood for them, and us, is almost won! Heritage Status loading. I ditch my shoes and privilege and run the streets of the MotherCity the way the children of the slaves did way back then. This is my pilgrimage. My jaarlikse boetedoening. I appreciate every cheer as I pass. It keeps me going. At least there are no whips. Gallows Hill, anyone spare a thought to that? #MyCityMyRunMyWay
Thanks to the people of Bo Kaap once again for allowing us through your streets. – Brian John Records

Every year when I get to koeksister Hill I ask myself. What are you doing here? But then I’m back. 6 years and looking forward to next year – Valencia Valentine

Really the most special and truly Cape Town race! Thank you for all your hard work to give us this experience. Special thanks to all the koeksister makers. I bet they get up even earlier than us runners to give us these treats. – Catherine Ronaasen

Thanks so much for a wonderful event.. my third year and each year I enjoy it even more! Huge thank you to everyone and especially the marshalls for making it the best 21km in Cape Town – Peter Clarke-Farr

All I can say thank you very much for a well planned organized event. Just sorry I did not do the 10km or 21km I did not get the koesisters hahahah. Thanks you some of the other BIG races can learn from you people. Well done maybe just something the 5km and the 10km to be together as some of the people that was doing the 21km said some of the 10km people stop in front of them not running and they were NOT walkers definitely runners maybe thinking of let the 5km and 10km came in by the same finished line and 21km by themselves. Just thinking otherwise well done I will definitely do the 10km run next year. This was my first Slave Route walk. – Elma de Roubaix

You can hear the pain😂 #Koeksisterhill #MyCityMyRun #bokaap AWESOME EVENT! My third year…I’m a sucker for punishment just like the rest of you❤ See you in 2020! – Wendy Diener

My 1st Slave Run – a big big congratulations to the organisors of an amazing event. Hats off to all marshals and all involved….so many participants but every thing went smooth. See you next year – Salome Smuts

Bravo from me too. Well organized, scenic route, friendly marshalls, lekker running buddies and best of all – KOESISTER hill with the koesister reward on top!!! – Erica Kotze

“So well organized and fantastic support the entire run from the marshals and traffic police! Thank you and to those that made the koesisters” Ailsa Jenny Dalton

“One of the best races I have ever done (and that includes Boston, NYC and London marathons). The Marshalls were fantastic and the course varied. Defo a race to come back to SA for” Edward Winterton

“Was my 2de Slave run en sien uit na volgende jaar. Wedloop so goed georganiseer. Alles is op tyd. Waterpunte is fantasties end vriendelikste Marshalls & verkeersbeamptes. Dankie vir jul onbaatsugtige diens en tyd. Dankie vir die heerlike vars koesisters na daai killer van ‘n bult. Lekker soet troosprys😊” Elsabe Dippenaar

“First time in Cape Town and after a short night (arriving last night from Austria) I am glad that this morning 10k run was my first impression of this beautiful city. Well organized, good vibes” Gerd GrÖbminger